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active life

Healthy eating is hugely important if we want to lead a healthy life. But healthy eating works best in tandem with an active life. This is where the “active” part of FoodActive comes in!

FoodActive is the perfect antidote to sedentary modern lifestyles. We’re not trying to produce the next Brian O’Driscoll or the next Derval O’Rourke (although if a future Irish sports star happens to take part in one of our programmes, we may feel a tiny sense of pride in about 10 years...) Instead, FoodActive is trying to promote healthy lifestyles through the combination of great food, great cooking and lots of activity and exercise.

All your favourite sports will be available at FoodActive, whether you love soccer, basketball, tag rugby, table tennis, rounders or simply taking part in an invigorating hike. The focus at FoodActive is not on competition. Rather, it is on fitness, health and team building. And these are some of the most important lessons that we can learn from living an active – indeed, a FoodActive – life.