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healthy eating

Healthy eating and Great Cooking 

Eating is one of the great pleasures in life, but, as everyone knows, there are consequences to eating too much, or eating the wrong type of food.

Your body is a system, and it contains many different elements, including carbon, calcium and iron. We need to replenish these elements regularly in order to stay healthy - and we do that largely through our diet.

Most of us know intrinsically what is good for us and what is not so good, but do we know why? And we know that food is fuel for the body; but do we really know what that fuel is doing?

For example, did you know that proteins are for growth and repair – for enzyme and hormone production?

You might have some idea that we get the majority of our energy from carbohydrates, but did you know that they are also essential for bowel health?

Did you think that all fats were bad, or were you aware that fats are an essential part of your diet, crucial for heat and energy storage and for membrane formation?

And did you fully appreciate the power of vitamins and minerals. Did you realise what even tiny amounts of these special components could do for your vision, your bone growth, your skin, your blood and your nervous system? Did you know how important they were in terms of disease prevention, blood formation and the maintaining of the fluid balance in your body?

There is a huge amount of science surrounding what we eat, but it’s important to remember that FoodActive is not a science class! Our course does, however, give children a good grounding is what is good for them, and why. It teaches them about a balanced diet, and lets them know, in a practical, fun and hands on way, what foods exist in what food groups.

But perhaps most importantly, through our cookery classes, it teaches children that healthy foods can also be interesting foods. It teaches them that healthy foods can sometimes be fast foods. It teaches them that healthy foods are fun to prepare. And it teaches them, above all, that healthy foods can be as delicious and satisfying than any of the convenience foods that could, if left unchecked, form the majority of their diets.