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why foodactive?

Because food should be fun! FoodActive not only equips children and young people with the culinary skills that will allow them to cook interesting and nutritionally-balanced meals FOR THE REST OF THEIR LIVES; it also gives them a love of food, an interest of food, and it awakens their minds to the possibilities that come with living a FoodActive lifestyle.

The truth is that lifestyles today are too often geared towards rushed meal times and convenience foods. At FoodActive students can engage themselves fully in learning about food, its preparation and cooking, and the part it should play in their active lives.

But food is only one part of being FoodActive. The sporting and activities programmes at FoodActive allow students to experience firsthand the relationship between exercise, a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. And did we mention that sports are also great fun..?

Of course, there is also the social aspect. The young people who take part in the summer camp get to meet new friends from other schools, and the carefully crafted activities allow then to learn the value of teamwork in an enjoyable and relaxed environment. And that’s what being FoodActive is all about.